It is important to be able to identify, map and achieve success in the business world. We, at RaGa, are committed to explore different spectrums and experiment, in order to find the best paths to success for every new chapter. RaGa is the result of a father-son duo coming together with their creative, analytical and business mindsets. We are a creative advertising agency and a brand consulting firm in Chandigarh. Although, it has just been three years to our journey, we have grown exponentially because of a simple reason – Targeted Communication. We understand our audience, we understand your business and we trust our expertise to do the rest. In short, RaGa is a one-stop solution to all your communication problems. Be it advertising, marketing, digital marketing, PR, Events, Relationship Management, Print, Media Buying, Out-of-home advertising, TV, Radio, Website or more. We have the insights to help us learn to grow, a team which is dedicated & meticulous, and ambition that is larger than life.


Provide the best customer results possible and deliver services with an edge. To be the experts in marketing and sales alignment and the masters of the message. Our team works to eliminate the apathy that will suck the life out of any business in the world by working to inspire the spirit, penetrate the heart, and ignite the mind, with compelling marketing messages that deliver results.”


Provide the best customer results possible and deliver Our vision is to create a business world full of prosperity, meaning, and connection for all.